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  • Why the switch from hand tied to Lotus wefts?
    While we love the hand tied wefts that we have offered for many years, we also have to follow industry trends. Lotus wefts offer several advantages that are beneficial to both the installer, and the end user. They are considered a "microweft", which allows the installed extensions to lay flatter to the head, thus reducing bulkiness. They don't have a "mustache" and that means little to no itching for the customer! Our new wefts can also be cut in order to custom fit each weft to different sized scalps, eliminating any "fold over". Another added benefit is denser wefts than our hand tied, which provides more hair in a lower profile extension. Lotus wefts are more durable as well, so this is a great bonus for those rough brushers! This also stops the top from unraveling like you may see in hand tied from time to time, and can help to extend the life of the extension when properly cared for. Lastly, our new inventory will be sold in 60g half packs, giving you greater flexibility when mixing colors.
  • Where does your hair come from?
    It is single donor, full cuticle remy hair. This means each bundle was virgin hair, cut from a single donor before it was processed into remy hair, and custom colored. This ensures you are getting the absolute best quality, and the hair will be free from matting or tangling, and you will never find a fake silicone coating on our hair.
  • What is the length of the hair?
    Lotus wefts are offered in 20" and 24' lengths. All packaging is 60g.
  • Can I order hair in other lengths?
    We would love to help you out with any special requests for custom lengths. Custom orders do require a 3 package minimum and processing time can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks. If this fits your needs, please send an email to and we will be happy to help you!
  • How much hair comes in a pack?
    All packaging is 60g, regardless of length.
  • How many packs of hair do you think I’ll need for my client?
    We usually recommend these rules for a full head, length plus thickness: (Note: for 24" length, go with the higher density to allow for shedding) Thin hair: 120-140g Med. hair: 160-180g Thick hair: 180-220g If installing very long hair (24"), you will need a minimum of 100g on the bottom row in order to maintain thickness at bottom, otherwise it will look thin and string.
  • My last order felt soft and this order feels dry. Is it bad hair?
    Since our extensions are 100% human hair, this means it comes from actual human donors. As we know with our own hair vs others around us, textures vary. This applies with extensions as well. Some are fine and silky, and others are coarse and have a drier feel. There is no way to guarantee which donor each bundle came from. It's important to treat whichever texture you are given accordingly, as you would with your natural hair. Speak to your stylist about the correct procedures according to any hair issues you are experiencing.
  • Can I color the wefts?
    Yes! But we only recommend using Demi Permanent color that is ammonia and PPD free. Extension hair sometimes tends to color VERY well and very quickly, so make sure to watch your color while processing. Never lighten or bleach your extensions.
  • How long does the hair last?
    Our average life for a weft is 12 months. The hair itself can last up to 2 years! But normally, before the hair is done, the weft has started to wear out due to brushing too rough or general wear and tear at the scalp. You’ll have some clients that take great care of them, and some that don’t. So, in reality, the life of each weft can be anywhere from 6 months-2 years, depending on home care. We definitely recommend reviewing our Hair Care Tips and Tricks, and printing a copy for your clients as well, to ensure they get MAXIMUM longevity for their investment.
  • Do you have a stylist discount?
    Absolutely! Just fill out our stylist form and we will email you a coupon code to use at checkout!
  • How often do you restock hair?
    Generally speaking, new stock orders are placed every 2-3 weeks. Production of our wefts can take up to 2 months. We are committed to quality, so we are not rushing to mass produce as we don’t want our team to feel the need to sacrifice quality for quantity. When items have been out of stock, you may initiate a 'back in stock' request so that you are notified as soon as our inventory is updated.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Please see our Return Policy to view our return/ exchange policies.

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