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andrea albin


Andrea is an 18 year veteran cosmetologist who is passionate about her clients, fellow stylists, and everything HAIR.  She first heard of hand tied extensions in 2016, and followed the process until 2018 when Habit came to Dallas.  She immediately signed up for the course and it was love at first stitch!  She began taking more trainings and researching countless methods and types of stitching.  Since then, she has adjusted a few things, and found a way to make the beaded row method even more secure and reducing points of contact.  Her extension clientele has blown up and she now has over 100 extension clients.  She didn’t stop there and wanted BETTER hair choices for her clients!  One thing that was unacceptable was logging on to find that every company seemed to be out of stock of what she needed, and other companies were having terrible matting issues, and silicone buildup, or the hair wasn’t lasting.  Trying different types of hair and wholesalers for months, she finally decided Slavic hair was the way to go and began designing colors to launch her own brand!  She and her clients, along with many other stylists who have already been using it, are so in love with the hair she designed, and the unique color blends!  With many colors to choose from, every stylist and client is certain to find the perfect color blend.  Andrea feels so fortunate to have been able to train with the best, and has chosen to travel and spread the love and knowledge all across the USA.  Her extension method, Invisible Row extensions, uses minimal points of contact, less beading, and more stitching. The placement ensures the sides are filled in completely, and they are comfortable for your client to wear.

Premium Hair Extensions, Supplies, and Education

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