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Rooted, Lowlighted Platinum. Just like our P8/60, but with a chocolate brown root.

This is an amazing, versatile, lowlighted platinum with a darker root. It matches seamlessly with so many dimensional blondes! Definitely a must-have to keep in stock! 

B4:8/60 Lotus Weft

Excluding Sales Tax
  •  We usually recommend these amounts for a full head, length plus thickness:


    (Note: for 24" length, go with the higher density to allow for shedding)


    Thin hair: 120-140g


    Med. hair: 160-180g


    Thick hair: 180-220g


    If installing very long hair (24"), you will need a minimum of 100g on the bottom row in order to maintain thickness at bottom, otherwise it will look thin and stringy.

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